Recycled Dish

While we all love shiny new things, studies show that we appreciate items that we put a little elbow grease in to make our own.  Pick up a used wood chair for your desk or office at Goodwill and give it a fresh coat of  paint from Benjamin Moore’s Natura product  line.  If you must use a spray paint check out Krylon’s H2O Latex Spray Paint

Decorate your office with photos of your loved ones in used but refreshed photo frames from a secondhand store.  I also love picking up souvenir postcards of my favorite paintings from art museum visits.  It is a great way to support the museums, have a memory of your trip, and jazz up a dull bulletin board.  I can always find a mason jar or vase for a different and interesting way to hold your pens and pencils. One of my favorite DIY projects for the office or at home is taking advantage of used fabrics and turning it into throw pillows.  The pillow can add comfort and a pop of color to your boring office chair.