This past weekend I went to visit a H&M store to check out their sustainable fashion line and see what it had to offer.  The selection was scattered throughout the store and basically consisted of what looked to be a few, but well-made organic cotton T-shirts with a great weight to the material.  It was difficult to identify the pieces since you had to look through the racks for a green tag with the price tag. 

This looks to be changing for H&M with their new Conscious Collection line that will release on April 14th.  The collection, which is for women, men and children, will be made from greener materials such as organic cotton, Tencel® and polyester made from recycled PET bottles.  The looks are said to be tailored with bits of lace and draping in shades of white for women and preppy for men with blazers and collarless shirts.

H&M did get flagged two years ago when their organic cotton was tested and found not to be organic and in fact made with genetically modified cotton.  It seems that those troubles in their sourcing of organic cotton have passed after being recognized by Goede Warr as one of the top 20 most sustainable brands and placed 170 out of 500 most sustainable companies in the world as ranked by Newsweek’. 

Stay tuned, we will have more to come once the new collection is released.