Irwin’s Neighborhood Bakery & Cafe is a fabulous spot with a big commitment to the environment, community, and the food they serve.  The bakery uses free range eggs, locally sourced ingredients, RBST free dairy for their scrumptious pies, muffins, scones, and cookies.  I always choose Irwin’s for preservative free baked goods for my morning business meetings or a lazy weekend morning.   They partner with local vendors in the City that share their same ideals for the goods they don’t make themselves.   One of them, that happens to be my favorite coffee roaster, Stumptown Coffee, is served in a mug if we want to hang out by the fire or compostable container if I am on-the-go.

All 3 locations collect donations for local food banks, as well as supporting local charities and auctions.  If that isn’t enough, each cozy Irwin’s is decorated in art from local artists that need a home to display their pieces.