A change is in the air up here.  Electrical vehicle charging stations are going in everywhere.  I think the stars are aligning so I can buy my Tesla S and road trip it around the country.

The EV Project came to fruition in late 2009 when ECOtality was awarded a cost-reimbursement grant of $99.8 million from the U.S. Department of Energy to undertake the largest deployment of electric vehicles (EVs) and installation of charging-infrastructures ever.

ECOtality’s Blink chargers use advance software to communicate with power companies, meter power, operate efficiently, and save the end-user on each charge. Benefits of the unique Blink design include connector holster and intuitive docking connectors, and color touch screens. The residential and commercial chargers are linked to the Blink Network via the Internet, which allows you access an array of advanced options such as remotely through your smart phone device.

State governments are lining the highways here on the west coast with the industrial charging stations that will quickly “fill” your batteries in 30 minutes in a project called the West Coast Green Highway.  This is solid proof that you can feel comfortable going out to buy your own plug-in Robot.