Won’t Back Down ~ Sep. 28th

We cannot wait to see this movie.  Whether you believe in public or private schools, unions or non-unions, we all know that our education system could use an overhaul and some new sparks.  We are happy that kids are being put first and their right to a quality education no matter what neighborhood they live in.  Maybe this will inspire parents, teachers, grandparents, neighbors, and communities to be more involved in the quality of every child’s life.

Free For All ~ Jane Poppendieck

Free For All, published in 2011 by Jane Poppendieck, is a must-read about what is happening with the nutrition or lack thereof in our school systems.   

How did our children end up eating nachos, pizza, and Tater Tots for lunch? Taking us on an eye-opening journey into the nation’s school kitchens, this superbly researched book is the first to provide a comprehensive assessment of school food in the United States. Janet Poppendieck explores the deep politics of food provision from multiple perspectives–history, policy, nutrition, environmental sustainability, taste, and more. How did we get into the absurd situation in which nutritionally regulated meals compete with fast food items and snack foods loaded with sugar, salt, and fat? What is the nutritional profile of the federal meals? How well are they reaching students who need them? Opening a window onto our culture as a whole, Poppendieck reveals the forces–the financial troubles of schools, the commercialization of childhood, the reliance on market models–that are determining how lunch is served. She concludes with a sweeping vision for change: fresh, healthy food for all children as a regular part of their school day.

A Ring to Educate a Child in Haiti ~ Vhernier

We think the world of this exquisite ring made for the children in Haiti by the Italian fine jeweler, Vhernier.  The limited edition ring supports efforts to educate the children of St. Luc Street Schools and the Academy for Peace and Justice in Haiti. Each ring sold will provide one child with an entire year of high quality education.

Vhernier only created  1,000 of these exclusive rings made of silver and sheathed in rose gold.  The inside is engraved with “Vhernier for Kids Haiti”  and is sold at Vhernier boutiques for $1,370.00 USD.  For each ring purchased from Vhernier, they will pledge 100% of the proceeds (about $600 USD) to Artists for Peace and Justice Fund which equals the funds needed to educate one child for one year at the St. Luc Schools and the Academy for Peace and Justice.  The Pirouette rings support social responsibility as well as  promote great artists and are available at Vhernier boutiques or by contacting apjhaiti@vhernier.com.

Waiting for “Superman”

Waiting for “Superman” is a must see documentary on the facts of our education system.  Every parent, aunt, uncle, and grandparent, and politician needs to take action against the politics that play into our children getting a quality education. If you  cannot reserve at your local library, or want a copy to keep, we have a direct link for you to purchase .